Final: Final Video

Post a link to the Final Video in a post below.  Be sure to (1) have the name of your group at the top, (2) add all your teammates as collaborators, and (3) make sure permissions are set so accessible to all.

Suggestions on Final Videos:

  • “Kickstarter” style video
    • Kickstarter without the “money ask”
    • 2 to 3 minutes
  • “Set the stage”: present a problem that needs solving
  • Who is the team, and expertise
  • What is the solution that you have to solve it
    • Design philosophy (what choices you made)
    • Competitors? What sets you apart?
  • Evidence that it’s working
    • Testing that you did
    • Happy smiling kids
  • Where it’s at/what needs to be done, next steps

Final Video

May 4 2018 Read →


Meha Elhence, Rob Hrabchak, Riley Kolus, Kyle Paul, Hyejin Im

Apr 24 2018 Read →

"You Got the Feels?!" (previously known as "Racing Emotions")

Mary Egwim, Osvaldo Calzada

Shunta Muto, Madhu Govind

Apr 24 2018 Read →

Maglev Education


Co-authors: Alex Klein, Brian Reaney, Jete Thames, Eva Denman

Apr 24 2018 Read →

Team name: BRYAN

Members: Julio Salazar, Raven Fournier, Maya Kurzman, Jonah Loeb, Alex Scheman, Yue Zhang

Apr 23 2018 Read →