Currently, we have a structure made out of lego pieces. This structure is controlled by a servo programmed by a raspberry pi. The pinion on the motor is in contact with another gear, which is in turn connected to a few lego pieces that serve as an arm. The arm is then attached to an acrylic board. The servo is programmed to rotate when a button is pressed. As the motor moves, it is in contact with gears which move a linkage through a pathway and create linear motion so the acrylic board moves back and forth in one direction.

SimQuake in action

Movement of Gears



  • Display for the timer to see how long the structure can last on the table

  • Better translation of energy from linear to rotational

  • Lego motors for more power (as opposed to the servos)

  • Changing the mounting of the servo - we have 3d printed pieces to hold the motor up - so that no one has to hold the motors physically.

  • Use 2 motors instead of just 1