Inverse Kinematics Project Report

Shunta Muto

Osvaldo Calzada

Challenge 1: Calculating Motor Positions

For this project, we used the same robot arm from the previous project. Inverse kinematics calculation was performed to determine the required rotations of the base motor and the link motor from given xy positions. Lengths of the links were measured with a ruler.

Below shows the calculated values for given xy positions (5, 10), (10, 10), (-2.5, -13)


At the end of the code, we included equations that recalculate xy positions from the angles that were just obtained, in order to confirm the calculation. There was no discrepancy between the input and recalculated xy position values, because the calculatoin is theoretical.

Challenge 2:

A major task for challenge 2 was ultimately determining what positions the robot could successfully reach. Our link/motor lengths were 8cm for the base link and 12cm for the attached link, the max reach of the robot was a circle of 20cm, but to make our task more manageable, only two quadrants were our focus. To do this, we limited the base angle to be between -90 and 90 degrees. Also, the construction of the arm limited the motion of the outer angle, so we decided to limit the angle to within a range where it would not hit any other pieces.



Image Image Image Image