Introduction to GoPiGo

Shunta Muto
Osvaldo Calzada

Robot construction

Using GoPiGo and Raspberry Pi, we built a circuit that blinks LED and runs the motor for Challenge 1. For Challenge 2, we plugged in button sensor to run the motor when the button is pressed.


Challenge 1

Simple circuit with 220 ohm resistor and LED was built on breadboard. The I/O pin (GPIO 17) and ground pin from GoPiGo were connected to each respective pins on the breadboard. The code makes the LED blink 5 times.

To run the motor, we connected GoPiGo motor to the motor pins on the board.

Image Image

Challenge 2

With GoPiGo motor still connected from Challenge 1, we also connected the button sensor onto analog/digital pin 1. Using the code snippet provided on the IDE, we wrote a code that runs the motor when the button is pressed.