Project 6

Overview: The goal of this project was to gain a familiarity with the new kits and using the GoPiGo, kits, and sensors. Our group was successful in this project, through both creating the robot base and controlling a continuous servo with a ultrasonic sensor.

Challenge 1 Video:

Challenge 2 Video:

Construction: The main body of the robot was constructed to match base layer used in the GoPiGo3 kit, which allowed for maximum adaptability for future projects as well as a simple design to work with for the challenges in this project. A ultrasonic sensor and continuous servo were mounted on the front of the robot to be used to create a simple sensing setup. While building the robot, one of the continuous servos appears to not be working.

Robot Top Views:

Image Image

Robot Front Views:

Image Image

Challenge One:

This program was designed to turn on the  eyes of the Gopigobot, flash the left and right LED lights at the back of the Pi and activate the motors, driving forward then adjusting the individual speeds to accomplish a turn. The Eyes are illuminated for the full duration of the code being active.

Challenge Two:

We were successful in combining a sensor and an actuator by controlling a continuous servo with an ultrasonic sensor. The code runs so that if an object gets within a certain range (6 inches, arbitrarily) of the sensor, this would spin the servo until the object was moved out of that range, and then the servo would stop.

Challenge 1 Code:


Challenge 2 Code: