Introduction to GoPiGo:

By Matt, Martin and Omar

This week we were finally introduced to the new robot kits that we would be using for the rest of the semester. This week the focus was to simply get to play around with the new kits and become comfortable with the new commands that are available now.

Challenge 1: Default GoGoPi Functionality

With this part of the challenge, all we had to do was use simple Python code to play around with the LEDs by turning them on and off, as well as running the motors available. For this we simply built a car with the new kits.

Our code is very simple. The car will run. While running, the on board LEDs also known as the 'eyes' will light up. After it stops, and ends the program, the LED will turn off. We did not use the motors in the actual raspberry kit, but instead used the servo motors to power the wheels.

This is our code:


Challenge 2: Additional Inputs and Outputs

For the second challenge, the main goal was to develop a system of inputs using sensors that would then read out to a source of output.  This is very similar to the first project of making sure that the car would not hit the wall as it reached it.

This is our code for Challenge 2:


Gallery of Robot Vehicle:

Image Image Image Image