The Penomatic 3000 Mini

Rob Hrabchak, Riley Kolus, Raven Fournier, Julio Salazar

You know that feeling when you realize you just need a pen in your hand RIGHT NOW? Well say goodbye to the old days of digging around in your pocket or behind your ear for that pesky pen that never seems to be where you left it, and say hello to the future of pen delivery technology.

This stylish and miniature model was designed with ergonomics in mind to clip right to the user's belt. At any moment, all the wearer needs to do is press a button to have a pen instantly delivered directly to hand-height. This wireless design is totally portable, and even includes a rechargeable battery for all-day use!

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The delivery system mimics a cross-bow and uses a 3D-printed barrel to keep the pen steady and flying straight. The barrel has a notch on either side, so that when the endcap is aligned with the notches it flings forward. The motor rotates the endcap into position with the press of a button.