Project 4: Robotic Arm Part 1

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Challenge 1: Building the Robotic Arm

In the first part, we were assigned to actually assemble the robotic arm composed of two arm links and two joints, one connecting the first arm to the base and the other connecting one arm to the other. The final component is an end effector that actually holds a marker.

Range of Motion:

Max X-position = 0.26 meters

Max Y -position = 0.26 meters

min Y- position = -0.26 meters

min X- position = -0.26 meters

Effective End Effector Trial:

Challenge 2: Calculating End Effector Positions

The second part of the project involved actually calculating the position of the marker at the any point along the range of motion. This was effectively done by using the angular displacement of each motor and multiplying times the arm length and adding those values up. For the x position we would be using the cosine function and for for the y-position. Originally I had trouble as I had forgotten that python uses the cosine function expecting radians.


Challenge 3: Recording and Playing Back Positions

To implement this challenge, we had the brick communicate with the console. We would know when to move the arm, wait for a period of time, and move the arm again. Once we got all the positions we wanted, it would playback the positions in reverse so that it would end up in the starting position.