Updating the IDE (EV3)

Periodically we may issue updates to the IDE to fix bugs or add new features. Here is how you can update the IDE on your own.

NOTE: if you are using the Raspberry Pi/GoPiGo, use THESE INSTRUCTIONS instead.

STEP 1: Download the Latest Version

Version 0.5 for EV3:


STEP 2: Flash the SD Card

1. Download and install Etcher from their website.

2. Launch Etcher

3. Click the “Select image” button and browse to the folder where you downloaded an EZ3IDE release. Select the file that you downloaded.

4. Using an SD card reader, plug the SD card into your computer. Etcher should detect the new device and display its information under the “Select drive” step. Confirm that the selected drive is correct.

Note: If you have multiple removable drives connect, you may need to use the “Change” button to select the SD Card.

5. Click "Flash!" and wait for the operation to complete.

6. Plug it in the Brick and make sure it boots up.