Project 2: Walker

Aruni Kacker and Max Luo

The goal of the project was to create a robot that moved by walking, rather than on wheels. Our design used two motors, one to power a pair of legs on each side. Each pair of legs was connected to the motor by a gear train, to ensure that both legs would be powered and to create an offset between the legs. This ensured that at any point, one leg on each side was on the ground, while the other leg was moving, to allow for locomotion. In addition, the separate control of each pair of legs allows the robot to turn by powering one motor while leaving the other stationary.


Our robot has an ultrasonic sensor because the same design was used for Project 1. Unfortunately, the code specific to Project 2 that demonstrated the robot turning was corrupted, but the code for proportional control in Project 1 demonstrates the robot's ability to walk at different speeds. We will upload code of the robot turning as soon as possible.


This video demonstrates the robot walking forwards, and then turning by powering only one motor.

This video was originally used for project 1, but shows the robot walking at various speeds.


Unfortunately the code for Project 2 was lost, but the code below of the proportional control works to make the robot walk at various speeds.


Our robot design was inspired by the following videos: