Project 5: Inverse kinematics
Brian Reaney, Julia Noble

We reprogrammed the robotic arm we built in project 4 to draw a picture given inputted coordinates.





Challenge 1: Print out the inputted values, calculated end effector position, and newly calculated motor positions.

We inputted coordinates by calculating the points along arcs of certain radii. These calculated arc coordinate values were all appended into an array of values (shown below). We also inputted another point at the end of the position arrays to demonstrate the robots ability to pick up the pen and draw separate dots and lines. The resulting motor angles used to move to those points was outputted as shown below.

Image Image

Challenge 2: Use a sequence of end effector positions (x,y locations), calculate the appropriate motor positions and “play back” that sequence (draw). The robot should sketch more than one line (thus, having to pick the pen up and down).

Our robot draws arcs by moving to 20 different points. The robot picks up the pen halfway to go back and draw a dot in quadrant I on the robot's x,y axis. This was done to demonstrate how the robot can also draw dots and discontinuous drawings.