Flippy Boi

One of the most common problems that plagues modern day Americans is the loss of a board game. Each year, tens of millions of young men and women see their dreams shattered at the hands of a sly opponent. This is NOT to say that people who lose fair and square do not deserve the embarrassment brought upon themselves, but there do arise certain occasions in which an opponent employs a breach of etiquette- neigh common decency to claw themselves forward in their bloody path to victory. It is these situations that call for a hero. Not the hero the board gaming community deserves, but the hero the board gaming community needs.

Introducing The Flippy Boi a smarter machine designed to do what must be done. Designed from the ground up with top of the line L.E.G.O. technology Flippy Boi can disguise itself on the kitchen counter as a tangled mess of wires allowing it to wait undetected for hours on end. When it is called upon using the tactile fire switch, however, it can strike without warning with the voracious velocity of a very fast velociraptor. Before your opponent's synapses can make sense of what they are witnessing, Flippy Boi will emerge from the shadows and your foe will find their dreams of victory turned upside down.

For all intents and purposes you have won the game.




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